MBCluster is a repair and service business, addressing the electronic systems and components found in Mercedes Benz and other high end automobiles.

Services include :
  • ECU Cloning:
    Needed when replacing a malfunctioning ECU with another, known good, used replacement ECU. The replacement ECU cannot be used directly as it's locked to the vehicle it came from, as the original is locked to your vehicle. ECU Cloning is procedure where the original ECU contents is copied to the replacement ECU, and allows it to be reused. The Mercedes scan tool is not required to complete the re-installation.

  • ECU Virginizing:
    Similar to ECU Cloning, ECU Virginizing is a procedure where a known good, used replacement ECU is reconfigured into a like-new or "virgin" state, also known as "renewing". The ECU can then be used to replace the original, but requires coding using the Mercedes scan tool. Typically this is employed where the original is not salvageable or not shippable.

  • Mercedes RST Repair:
    Roof Soft Top Modules or RST Modules, found in Mercedes R129 roadster models, are known to encounter problems during their lifespan. First generation modules (1989-1994) are most vulnerable to voltage degradation, inabilty to communicate with sensors, and relay related issues. Typically second and third generation modules, after 1994, are more reliable.

Contact Information:

James Kouramanis
8 Blacktoft Drive
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada M1B2M6

Hours of Operation:

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